SmARTitas Tough, Intelligent, Tender, Artitstic Sistas

The Begining

A group of smiling friends

In 1996 making fun of local ways created an empowering moment. TITA a slang towards local women became SmarTITA which stands for: Tough, Intelligent, Tender, Artistic, Sista. A simple shift of focus to the powerful presence of all women and now Spiritual BEings,

The Practice

Women in the arts creating jewelry for empowerment

The practice begins within and so the SmARTita symbol serves as a beautiful reminder to take the time to breath, be with yourself, and know you are always connected from the inside out.

The Purpose

Breathe and let the universe take care of it

SmARTitas purpose is to help all beings  journey a more loving, healthy joy-filled path and to accept their inherent magnificent infinite worth just by BEing present. LOVING is the practice of an awakened mind.


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SmARTita pendant


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Join yogis and celebrities alike in a shared consciousness through connectivity, mindfulness, health and love

Aluminum 2.5" pendant, lightweight, with beautifully chosen upcycled necklace, chosen with love by Moana.  Each necklace has its own personality, and will not necessarily reflect the chain in the photo.