Practice LoveΒ Today Through Your Health & Wellness

Here at Practice LOVE Today, we create simple healing steps for a powerful shift in your mind, body, and soul πŸ’š


How Do You Show Love To Yourself?

If there's one thing Moana understands, it's how important it is to take care of yourself.

After years of abusing her body with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol she finally had enough.  When she found LIV International more than a decade ago, she knew she had stumbled across something special because of the drastic impact it immediately had on how she felt.

Through LIV International, Moana was able to kick her bad sugar habit and right herself onto the path to health and wellness. By listening to her body and providing it with the minerals and nutrients it was lacking, the turnaround was quick and impactful.  So much so, that Moana became an ambassador for the brand to be able to spread the practice of self love to everyone she meets.

Moana knows firsthand how hard it can be to change lifestyle habits, but it IS possible, and she is here to guide you every step of the way.  Take control of your health and life, and gain the sense of pride that comes with accomplishing the ultimate goal: Enjoying your life to the fullest.