Getting to Know Moana da Ocean

Who knew feeling good would be fun?

Moana spreading her aloha vibes for positive living in a bright dress with a big smile

Moana da Ocean, affectionately known by many as Auntie Mo, is the middle child of seven incredible Hawaiian artists, entrepreneurs, academics, and activists from Honolulu, Hawaii. She was born an artist and a goofball thrown into the middle of all the siblings for comic relief. It was during this time that Moana was also volunteer leader and educator at the Boys & Girls Club of America, so it was no surprise when she became a high school varsity soccer player at Punahou High School, and then continued as an All-Star athlete at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Ca. From there she went on to graduate from San Diego State University where she was the Alpha Phi Class President, class of 1982.  With dedication and grit as inherent traits, Moana went on to become a well-honored police officer in Honolulu.

Being multi-talented and creative, Moana began developing sets and designing homes over her 30-year career, which involved space-shifting, color-consulting, and space planning. Moana's dedication and drive to serve the community led her into holistic and natural healing, with special attention given to the power of women and sisterhood through her passion project, smARTitas, established in 1997 which features an original line of jewelry, as well as becoming a certified Hatha yogi.  

Currently you can find Moana in Portland, Oregon, where she spreads her energy of aloha to all she encounters by way of her beautiful spirit, and her line of natural supplements from LIV International.  Having been dubbed "Mo Magic" by a group of her favorite local baristas, she keeps those around her hydrated and full of love and empathy for one another.  

May your day be filled with aloha.

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